Activities & Displays

Exotic Italian Cars & Ducati Motorcycles

Italian design on wheels will be featured at 4th Avenue (west) intersection showcasing Ducati motorcycles (Ducati Richmond), as well as Italian exotic cars brought in by Vancity Motorsports, a private club for luxury car enthusiasts.

RE/MAX Children’s Zone

Located in Grandview Park, families and children can enjoy activities offered at the RE/MAX Children’s zone which includes games, face painting, hola hoops, juggling and temporary tattoos.  Perfect for parents who can also relax on grass and take in the live music at Grandview Park stage throughout the day.

Whitecaps Soccer Zones and Canucks Community Caravan

The Whitecaps will be onsite with their Cap Cruiser (on Parker Street West) offering a FIFA gaming station and interactive soccer games, as well as at Graveley Street with Giant Jenga, Corn Hole and Soccer Tennis.

The Canucks Community Caravan will be located on Williams Street (west) and will include interactive shooting (inflatable), cutouts, bean bag toss and FIN appearance.

Food Eating Contest & DJs

Located on 5th Avenue – attendees can share in the fun with pasta eating contests scheduled throughout the day for adults and children.  In between the ‘spaghetti al pomodoro’ ‘who can finish it first’ contests – music will fill the air with DJ Vic Mazzei and some of Italy’s best songs, inspiring dancing in the street and tons of amore and comunità.

DJ – Luigi Di Sabatino will deliver similar upbeat atmosphere with a range of Italian music, including latin beats, near Venables entrance where patios and festival-goers will be transported as they eat, play and dance al’Italiano!

Celebrate Green, White & Red

This year – the colours of the Italian flag embrace not only our Italian heritage and culture, but also three intersections on The Drive – with the just completed Little Italy crosswalks – as well as the City’s official recognition of Italian Heritage Month (June) and Italian Day in the City’s list of official celebrations.

Two participants will be sharing these colours in the form of bracelets:

Back to Basics Collection booth who will be selling these leather bracelets sporting the proud Italian colours below for $15.  The Back to Basics Collection booth can be found on 3rd Ave (east), just outside Piazza Moda.

Brittania Community Centre also will be having a ‘friendship bracelet’ workshop at Napier Street where materials are supplied for free to create your green, white and red bracelet.