Piazza Moda | Fashion & Music

featuring Atelier GRANDI

Piazza Moda (at 3rd Avenue) incorporates a stage and piazza atmosphere in sharing not just music, but also another aspect Italy is know for – fashion; and where festivalgoers and fashion lovers can look forward to three separate fashion shows throughout the day with live music in between sets.

For Italian Day 2019, Atelier GRANDI, a Vancouver-based luxury womenswear collection designed by Grandy Chu, will be walking the runway.  The collection has appeared at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, Vancouver Fashion Week, and has garnered coverage by VOGUE UK – as well as graced red carpets at both the Academy Awards and Cannes Film Festival.  GRANDI designs are known for their striking artistic detail, purposeful design attitude, and timeless elegant silhouettes.  Supporting GRANDI designs is long-time Italian Day on The Drive merchant, Kalena Shoes & Accessories, who looks to dress the collection with Made in Italy shoes.