Other Italian Day Partners

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve helped our clients make their event ideas a reality! Our team of event specialists fits into your organization seamlessly through the creative and strategic processes. We love the canvas of a street, grassy field and whatever space you can think of – we thrive on the creative challenge. We will take care of the details and navigate the curve-balls and roadblocks that come our way. We will ensure that your event will be the spotlight of the community and create memorable connections.

Barcelona Media Design is a boutique style creative agency based in downtown Vancouver BC; and by ‘boutique’ we mean exclusive in both our project development approach and dedication to our clients. All our work is the result of a creative process that always starts with assessing your true unique needs. Think of us as you would think of your personal tailor. Only, our fabric and thread are ideas, or better said, they are visualization.

We look forward to seeing you in a new suit.


Creativity is limitless

However, we believe (and that’s open for discussion) that its principles are the same all the time and the only thing that changes is its form. For us ‘design is design’ – meaning – it doesn’t really matter if you need a new logo for your start up, or want to develop new marketing material for an upcoming music festival (or any other event for that matter). You might want to introduce a new product on the market or you have just started thinking about that ‘unique idea’ that still needs to be materialized. For us, the creative core is the same one. Designing a vodka label is not so different from designing a piece of jewelry. Putting together a book for printing, redesigning a magazine, creating a layout for a billboard ad, editing a video, producing a leaflet, doing a photo shoot, designing a web page, prototyping a new app… believe it or not, it all comes from the same source. We just use different tools to come up with a final cut. It has been said many times that a good idea is the simple one that can be easily developed and equally successfully delivered across the wide range of final applications, no matter how different they are. Easier said than done, but that is the premise we have in mind every time we take on a new project and we love every second of it, because to be honest, without the real passion we wouldn’t be doing it at all.